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UFO sighting in Vatican City: The UFOs and The Church

Vatican City experiences two alien visitation in history. As we all know that Vatican City is a city of Christianity, that God created everything, that alien doesn’t exist in the universe. But that theory has changed since Vatican city experiences UFO sightings twice.

Catholic church doesn’t believed in any extraterrestrial beings long time ago.Date back when Galileo condemned the Catholic church that the sun was the center of the solar sytem and not the Earth as what the church wa believing. Galileo was house-arrested in 1633 for 8 years. But in the year 1992, Pope John Paul II finally acknowledged that the church made some mistake when they condemned the theory of Galileo that the sun was the center of the solar system. Latest UFO sightings!

Catholic church

aliens popeCatholic church doesn’t believed in any extra-terrestrial beings long time ago.Date back when Galileo condemned the Catholic church that the sun was the center of the solar sytem and not the Earth as what the church wa believing. Galileo was house-arrested in 1633 for 8 years. But in the year 1992, Pope John Paul II finally acknowledged that the church made some mistake when they condemned the theory of Galileo that the sun was the center of the solar system.

UFOs and Vatican

The UFO sighting happened when the pope died back on April 2, 2005, when a Romanian News Channel filmed a UFO appeared in St.Peter’s Basilica. By that incident, Vatican starts believing that aliens were existing. Believing that their are extra-terrestrial beings are alive aside from humans. But, the big question is, how did Vatican start believing in aliens as we know that its the same Vatican we know who said that the Earth was the center of the universe back 360 years ago. Maybe this is a solid proof that Vatican witnessed alien contacts.

During the Popes inauguration in 2005, rare video will proved that can be seen above the St.Peter’s Basilica that no one can deny and say that it was only an ordinary bird. According to the video footage taper and eye-witnessed, they noticed the 3 objects forming a triangle. The forming lasts only for about two second, so anyone who wasn’t paying attention missed that or thought that it was only a plane or helicopter.

SKA Project Eyes Extraterrestrial Discovery

The SKA or the Square Kilometre Array will be looking for signs of extraterrestrials on other planets, the project director of SKA SA, Berniw Fanaroff, disclosed.
Fanaroff divulged to delegates at a New Age breakfast in Johannesburg, South Africa that they are aiming for the discovery of organic molecules or life molecules out in space, emphasizing that extraterrestrial intelligence or life of aliens is part of their motive.
Mr. Fanaroff underscored that sensitivity of the telescope is so high that anyone using it on a star 50 light years from Earth could see all television transmitters, airports and SABC programmes on the planet.
He added that they are hoping to discover extraterrestrial civilizations through the use of the telescope in searching for life on other stars and new planets.
The SKA project, expected to become the most powerful radio astronomy telescope in the world once its construction, to start in 2017, is completed, involves 10 member countries and four guest nations.
Fanaroff has been looking forward to attract the United States to the project board.
Meanwhile, South Africa made an agreement with the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy and the IBM to research a high-performance technology capable of reading, storing and analyzing raw data.
Moreover, Fanaroff expects to discover things related to aliens and extraterrestrials as they make investments in the project.

Ancient Footprints With A UFO Discovered In India

A strange but interesting village in central India has fueled some social media discussions on ancient foot prints and a aliens engraved image.
Geologist Nitish Priyadarshi has been researching large footprints on the outskirts of Ranchi City in Jharkahnd State. These giant footprints may be signs or proofs that gods landed on site from the sky, according to local lore.
The footprints are on a rock and appear from someone wearing wooden sandals, which were usually worn in the region thousands of years ago. One of footprints has 5 inches in width and 11 inches in length and another set in the same area has 4.5 inches in width and 11 inches in length. In Indian mythology, god-kings Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana are thought to have spent time in the area as they search for Sita, the wife of Rama.
Priyadarshi said the imprints were likely carved rather than imprinted on the hard substance as they are on granite rock. He concluded that local people manually made these imprints in memory of the visitors.
One of the most interesting discovery by Priyadarshi is the engraved image of a UFO next to the footprints.
According to Priyadarshi, he found the flying object and footprints on each side of the same piece of rock. He went to conclude that perhaps they were engraved to show that a flying object arrived at the place with the two king gods.
While Priyadarshi still can’t determine the age of the footprints, he estimated them to be thousands year old because of the weathering stage of the foot prints.

Super Red Orb over Schenectady Witnessed by Many People

A Rotterdam resident reported to MUFON about his UFO sighting on February 8, 2013 at around 6 PM. According to the MUFON Case: 45622, he was driving along State Route 7, heading to Schenectady, when he noticed three blue bright objects in the sky moving in a triangle formation above the local industrial park. Later, he had seen the three blue aerial objects that seemed to become a single bright red big orb that hovered over the street.
Aside from the witness who reported his sighting to MUFON, there were other motorists who decided to pull over and get out from their vehicles to get a better angle of the strange lights and capture their UFO sighting on camera using their mobile phones.
What happened next was even more interesting. The red large orb descended to around 10 feet above the ground. It came close to spectators and hovered very closely that they could nearly touch it. The orb stayed there for a while and car engines started to run roughly, then stopped together with the car stereos. As the witnesses decided to take phone pictures, their phones’ batteries failed even those full charge ones.
When the orb started to leave, it turned back into three blue orbs and flew away from the spectators in different directions. This was the time car radios came back on as well as their mobile phones’ batteries.

Civilian Writer to Examine UFO Sightings Across Canada

The Canadian government seems to hold little interest in tracking unidentified flying objects, documents gathered under the Access to Information Act showed.

The documents, which were acquired by CBC News, suggest that the efforts of various federal agencies in the country including the RCMNP, Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence in investigating UFO sightings have now ceased, noting that civilian volunteers may or may not report such sightings in the sky.

Civilian science writer Chris Rutkowski is now tasked to examine any information on UFO sightings that these agencies are receiving from reporting witnesses.

According to Rutkowski, who has produced the Canadian UFO survey since 1989, Canada is seen with increasing number of UFO sightings, more several unexplained videos spreading on the internet.

Rutkowski, together with other ufology experts, believes that the government will shift its focus back to UFO phenomenon once the number keeps on rising.

He will be responsible for ensuring that all reported unknown flying objects are not explainable. He received a total of 980 UFO sightings across the country in 2011 and expected a much higher number of sightings in 2012.
The records of UFO sightings are from several people who have dedicated their lives to observing and studying UFO phenomenon.

Sri Lankans Fear of UFO Invasion

Several residents in different parts of the island of Sri Lanka were stunned as they see bright lights in the sky coming from what they believe to be ufo.

The incident prompted the country’s Air Force to ease the possible fear that extraterrestrials or aliens were invading the small country to attack citizens. The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) asserted that no such unknown flying object was detected by their radar and that they are monitoring the skies in response to the claimed ufo sightings reported by witnesses.

The media spokesperson of SLAF dismissed the rumors that ufos and extraterrestrials are hovering over the country and made statements that no solid proofs that such claims are true. However, a television channel revealed a video showing unidentified lights in the night skies over Hambegamuwa in Thanamalwila at around 8:30 in the evening. It also released similar videos from mobile phones capturing unusual lights moving in other parts of the island.
SLAF further explained that they are using air defence system to track any possible ufo invasion and that they have not detected even one unidentified flying object coming to Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, a Colombo University professor in astronomy rejected the ufo sighting claims with a revelation that the red planet, Mars, is often mistaken as an unknown flying object or unidentified light. Mars is currently orbiting closer to Earth, which makes it visible in the human eye in the night sky.

Alien Structures in the Earth’s Moon

Earth’s moon has been the place of paranormal occurrences outside the planet as reported by sky watchers and astronomers. Paranormal sightings of several UFOs on the moon have been all over the internet and other media for quite some time. Several researchers also claiming that the moon serves as the base for many extra-terrestrial aliens including Archons. They said that the dark side of the moon has various structures that were set up by these aliens as their base.

Our moon has been the subject of strange events for many decades. Several sightings of UFOs reportedly happened on the moon. Some researchers even considered the moon as the base for many extra-terrestrial aliens who visit planet Earth. They say that many structures can be found on the dark side of the moon that serve a base for Archons.

Some researchers further claim that NASA astronauts, who were part of the Lunar Missions, abandoned their mission because Archontic entities ordered them not to return to the moon. Several videos and images have surfaced on the internet that tend to support these paranormal claims.

Images of the moon showing structures on its surface come every now and then. One of the notable images was posted by UFO Sightings Daily on October 26, 2012.
Scott C. Waring, who had been affiliated with the USAF at SAC base, published images of unusual structure that can be found on the moon. The structure has resemblance of a wall and a rectangular structure can be observed on a closer look of the images. The wall is really big with 3 sides of a rectangle, perfectly aligned with each other. A smaller wall can be seen below the big one.

Mr. Warring wonders why such structure was in the moon. He said that the wall could be actually a building because that could be the reason or purpose of the wall. Warring also observed a hill inside the rectangle wall that looks like it does not belong naturally in the moon because it is darker along its edges where it should be lighter just like the other hills in the pictures.

Mr. Warring further explained that he believes there was a structure in the centre of the rectangular wall as NASA covered it up but NASA did not notice the wall because it looks like a shadow.

He claimed that NASA edited the images to hide the presence of such structures and walls on the moon from the public.

The Infamous Black Triangle

The mystery of the unidentified flying objects continues to give the world at large some headache. This does not only elapse in the round shaped mass of an object that has been discovered mostly in Sea areas and some non human inhabited areas. It has also gone ahead to include the strange hovering but silent triangle UFOs that has been observed on several occasions hovering or even cruising around in densely populated areas or highways which is made very visible to the human eyes and flies on a very low altitude.

This object which was first seen in the 1990s has been observed in England, United States and even Russia and mostly appears at night. There has been a very big problem in explaining what this is as it completely negates all prior properties about the aerospace and planes.

This object with an operational model of 600 feet across has a sort of silver blue light glowing around it as it hovers and has been observed in numbers across the globe. The fact that this object is mostly observed in areas seen as part of the US military base has made a lot of people to attribute it as being one of the United States TR-3B either observing the air force base or even investigating its installations.

Edgar Rothschild Fouche who is an engineer and claims to have been a staff of the Area 51 explained to the International UFO congress that the Black Triangle in question might be an experimental US Air force vehicle which has the name TR-3B and Astra as its code name.

The TR-3B in question is said to make use of some nuclear reactor built to generate a very massive magnetic field that allows it negate the effects of the earth’s gravitational pull to up to 89% and gives it the strength to fly on the altitudes without any sound.

The ownership and existence of these objects which is mostly observed around the East and West Coasts of United States have not received any confirmation either from the United States Air-force, scientists or even other nations.

1897 Alien Buried in Aurora, Texas

Texas is no doubt one of the best places to live in the United States of America. Despite the modern society and improvised buildings that lie in the Lone Star State, history will never be overshadowed.
Back in 1897, 6 years before the first airplane was invented, something fell from the sky about 6 am in the early morning of April 17 in the Texan town of Aurora. Witnesses reported that they saw an unidentified flying object crashed into a windmill and eventually exploded into pieces.

The residents immediately went to the area of the crash and were shocked by what they saw in the craft’s remains. Their eyes were struck by a dead small man, which they thought as the pilot of the UFO. Based on the physical features of this pilot, witnesses were very sure that it was not an inhabitant of the Earth. These aliens was buried in a cemetery in Aurora and the news about the incident spread quickly all over the country.
A 91-year old woman, who aged 15 years at the time of the UFO crash, reported that her parents witnessed the incident, and that they saw an alien in the remains of the flying object.

The event seemed to lift the small and quiet town to stardom as many became interested in what had really happened. Many researchers attempted to dig up the grave of the controversial pilot, but were rejected by Aurora Cemetery Association. Whether the incident is true or not, the mystery can never be buried below the ground.

1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings

rendlesham ufo

England has been one of the places on Earth where strange events, such as UFO invasion, happen. In the month of December, year 1980, in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, there were reported sightings of mysterious lights and alleged landing of several unidentified flying objects.

Two air bases of Royal Air Force suddenly found extraordinary electromagnetic effects with descriptions of extraterrestrial beings on their radars. Their findings were accompanied by unusual atmospheric condition and anomalies radar data. A pilot reported that he saw a very bright light in the sky that moved at a rate of speed beyond their technology. He believes no aircraft could have the same speed as that of unidentified flying object.

Three guards who were assigned to patrol the bases also claimed that they saw huge object that was glowing and heading towards the forest. These witnesses began to experienced fear when small beings with very large heads appeared from the flying craft whose shape was very identical to a saucer. The guards contacted to reach for help and an armed unit came to respond.
There were also allegations that some of the senior officials communicated with the aliens inside a floating craft.

The deep information on these spectacular incidents was never publicly disclosed until the year 1983 when an article of a UFO magazine brought interest in the events that happened in that month of December. The Rendlesham Forest incidents have been published in several magazines and newspapers. In fact, it was accounted in numerous television programs.

However, many are still bothered about why exclusive and secretive military personnel were always chosen to handle similar cases. Perhaps, these military officials want to hide something that the public would never want to know.