Alien Structures in the Earth’s Moon

Earth’s moon has been the place of paranormal occurrences outside the planet as reported by sky watchers and astronomers. Paranormal sightings of several UFOs on the moon have been all over the internet and other media for quite some time. Several researchers also claiming that the moon serves as the base for many extra-terrestrial aliens including Archons. They said that the dark side of the moon has various structures that were set up by these aliens as their base.

Our moon has been the subject of strange events for many decades. Several sightings of UFOs reportedly happened on the moon. Some researchers even considered the moon as the base for many extra-terrestrial aliens who visit planet Earth. They say that many structures can be found on the dark side of the moon that serve a base for Archons.

Some researchers further claim that NASA astronauts, who were part of the Lunar Missions, abandoned their mission because Archontic entities ordered them not to return to the moon. Several videos and images have surfaced on the internet that tend to support these paranormal claims.

Images of the moon showing structures on its surface come every now and then. One of the notable images was posted by UFO Sightings Daily on October 26, 2012.
Scott C. Waring, who had been affiliated with the USAF at SAC base, published images of unusual structure that can be found on the moon. The structure has resemblance of a wall and a rectangular structure can be observed on a closer look of the images. The wall is really big with 3 sides of a rectangle, perfectly aligned with each other. A smaller wall can be seen below the big one.

Mr. Warring wonders why such structure was in the moon. He said that the wall could be actually a building because that could be the reason or purpose of the wall. Warring also observed a hill inside the rectangle wall that looks like it does not belong naturally in the moon because it is darker along its edges where it should be lighter just like the other hills in the pictures.

Mr. Warring further explained that he believes there was a structure in the centre of the rectangular wall as NASA covered it up but NASA did not notice the wall because it looks like a shadow.

He claimed that NASA edited the images to hide the presence of such structures and walls on the moon from the public.

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