SKA Project Eyes Extraterrestrial Discovery

The SKA or the Square Kilometre Array will be looking for signs of extraterrestrials on other planets, the project director of SKA SA, Berniw Fanaroff, disclosed.
Fanaroff divulged to delegates at a New Age breakfast in Johannesburg, South Africa that they are aiming for the discovery of organic molecules or life molecules out in space, emphasizing that extraterrestrial intelligence or life of aliens is part of their motive.
Mr. Fanaroff underscored that sensitivity of the telescope is so high that anyone using it on a star 50 light years from Earth could see all television transmitters, airports and SABC programmes on the planet.
He added that they are hoping to discover extraterrestrial civilizations through the use of the telescope in searching for life on other stars and new planets.
The SKA project, expected to become the most powerful radio astronomy telescope in the world once its construction, to start in 2017, is completed, involves 10 member countries and four guest nations.
Fanaroff has been looking forward to attract the United States to the project board.
Meanwhile, South Africa made an agreement with the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy and the IBM to research a high-performance technology capable of reading, storing and analyzing raw data.
Moreover, Fanaroff expects to discover things related to aliens and extraterrestrials as they make investments in the project.

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