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Linda Moulton Howe

Linda Moulton Howe is among the well-known personalities in the field of investigative journalism and Ufology. She has dedicated herself in the research of anomalous phenomena and her work has already found a spot in the paranormal and Ufology field. She became one of the guest speakers at the recently concluded 2014 Mutual UFO Network Conference with the theme “UFOs and the Media”. In this interview, Linda will give us a part of her background, her research on paranormal and extraterrestrial, the media and her fearless forecast for this field.

Super Red Orb over Schenectady Witnessed by Many People

A Rotterdam resident reported to MUFON about his UFO sighting on February 8, 2013 at around 6 PM. According to the MUFON Case: 45622, he was driving along State Route 7, heading to Schenectady, when he noticed three blue bright objects in the sky moving in a triangle formation above the local industrial park. Later, he had seen the three blue aerial objects that seemed to become a single bright red big orb that hovered over the street.
Aside from the witness who reported his sighting to MUFON, there were other motorists who decided to pull over and get out from their vehicles to get a better angle of the strange lights and capture their UFO sighting on camera using their mobile phones.
What happened next was even more interesting. The red large orb descended to around 10 feet above the ground. It came close to spectators and hovered very closely that they could nearly touch it. The orb stayed there for a while and car engines started to run roughly, then stopped together with the car stereos. As the witnesses decided to take phone pictures, their phones’ batteries failed even those full charge ones.
When the orb started to leave, it turned back into three blue orbs and flew away from the spectators in different directions. This was the time car radios came back on as well as their mobile phones’ batteries.