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Two UFOs Fly Low Over Two Texas Towns

The technical possibility that the truth is out there is sometimes the only reason why people around the world are interested looking up the sky. These UFO enthusiasts would surely be more interested seeing the actual UFO in the sky.

In yet another UFO sighting, residents in two Texas towns gathered in Austin and Gainesville to witness some unidentified flying objects last week.

A witness from Texas reported an encounter with a square-shaped UFO flying low. According to a witness report, the mysterious aerial object had four lights that produced a low-humming sound.

The witness reported that he observed an apparent low-flying object moving from the east towards him. The witness observed two red and two yellow lights, providing the look of a compact square as there was a very little space between the lights. It appeared that one of the sides was the object’s leading edge and not one of the angles, according to the witness.

Meanwhile, around 11 in the morning on Thursday in Gainesville, another Texas witness reported having seen large-triangle shaped UFO along with other several people on the ground. This object was flying low over the neighborhood and left the small community baffled in its identity. The witness said that the lights were horizontally lined up before the object disappeared as it speed away.

Texas is currently having a UFO Alert Rating of 3 on a scale of 1 to 5, according to MUFON.com. The Lone Star State is the fourth highest in the U.S. when it comes to UFO reports. For reference, California has the highest UFO reports with 102 reports in May while Texas has 30 reports in the same period.

UFO Sighting Caught on Video, Posted to YouTube, and Sent to FAA

A witness of a claimed UFO phenomenon uploaded a video of a disc-shaped object to YouTube. He took the video from inside of a plane going to Houston, Texas.  The uploader claims he has sent a copy of the clip to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for them to review the footage.

The video shows a bright object that seems to be coming from the outside of the plane and not cause by a reflection of anything inside. The witness zoomed in his camera to the UFO and the unidentified flying object appeared to be a disc-shape. However, many people who commented the video in YouTube suspected that the video clip has been edited to get wide attention.

As of the moment, no one supported the claim made by Ruiz. He asked the curious viewers and UFOlogists to be patient because the copy of the video is now under the custody of the FAA for review.

1897 Alien Buried in Aurora, Texas

Texas is no doubt one of the best places to live in the United States of America. Despite the modern society and improvised buildings that lie in the Lone Star State, history will never be overshadowed.
Back in 1897, 6 years before the first airplane was invented, something fell from the sky about 6 am in the early morning of April 17 in the Texan town of Aurora. Witnesses reported that they saw an unidentified flying object crashed into a windmill and eventually exploded into pieces.

The residents immediately went to the area of the crash and were shocked by what they saw in the craft’s remains. Their eyes were struck by a dead small man, which they thought as the pilot of the UFO. Based on the physical features of this pilot, witnesses were very sure that it was not an inhabitant of the Earth. These aliens was buried in a cemetery in Aurora and the news about the incident spread quickly all over the country.
A 91-year old woman, who aged 15 years at the time of the UFO crash, reported that her parents witnessed the incident, and that they saw an alien in the remains of the flying object.

The event seemed to lift the small and quiet town to stardom as many became interested in what had really happened. Many researchers attempted to dig up the grave of the controversial pilot, but were rejected by Aurora Cemetery Association. Whether the incident is true or not, the mystery can never be buried below the ground.