1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings

rendlesham ufo

England has been one of the places on Earth where strange events, such as UFO invasion, happen. In the month of December, year 1980, in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, there were reported sightings of mysterious lights and alleged landing of several unidentified flying objects.

Two air bases of Royal Air Force suddenly found extraordinary electromagnetic effects with descriptions of extraterrestrial beings on their radars. Their findings were accompanied by unusual atmospheric condition and anomalies radar data. A pilot reported that he saw a very bright light in the sky that moved at a rate of speed beyond their technology. He believes no aircraft could have the same speed as that of unidentified flying object.

Three guards who were assigned to patrol the bases also claimed that they saw huge object that was glowing and heading towards the forest. These witnesses began to experienced fear when small beings with very large heads appeared from the flying craft whose shape was very identical to a saucer. The guards contacted to reach for help and an armed unit came to respond.
There were also allegations that some of the senior officials communicated with the aliens inside a floating craft.

The deep information on these spectacular incidents was never publicly disclosed until the year 1983 when an article of a UFO magazine brought interest in the events that happened in that month of December. The Rendlesham Forest incidents have been published in several magazines and newspapers. In fact, it was accounted in numerous television programs.

However, many are still bothered about why exclusive and secretive military personnel were always chosen to handle similar cases. Perhaps, these military officials want to hide something that the public would never want to know.

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