Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted Orbiting Mars

Earlier this month, UFO followers once again thrilled to read the news online regarding the discovery of a cigar-shaped UFO orbiting planet Mars earlier in May 2014.

Curiosity has been in Gale Crater since 2012, exploring the planet’s climate and geology. Its purpose is to know whether there are environmental conditions that host microbial life inside Gale Crater.

The mission team controlled the Mars Rover to take raw images during its explorations. NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory website uploaded a total of 147,901 images. These images are relayed back to Earth when orbiters pass over the Rover.

The Rover’s right-hand side navigation camera caught a white object that is long and thin. It hovers for around 16 minutes.

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring noticed that the UFO is similar to the April 28 capture by Curiosity. He also noted lack of detailed descriptions in the two photos, suspecting that NASA tries to hide something it can’t explain. He said that NASA normally gets photos from rover that are 1 MB at the smallest and 600MB at the largest. Waring claimed that he enlarged the two photos with UFOs from 3 KB to 19 KB in size in order to show more detail of the photo.

A video from YouTube posted by username UFOvni2012 shows images from NASA that seem to show mysterious landing of an object in the Gale Crater and flying around. The same video that points out UFOs behind the cigar-shaped object flying through the atmosphere.

Anyone who is interested to view a wide range of Mars images taken by Curiosity Rover and Orbiter can visit Multimedia section of Mars NASA website.

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