Photograph Taken Above English Town Seems To Show A UFO


A witness was amazed to spot a UFO in the sky over the English town of St Helens on Monday night, September 15, which he also captured in a photograph.

The witness was walking at around 7:00 in the evening with his dog when he spotted the strange aerial object. He then grabbed his cellphone and took a photo before the object disappeared. He reported his sighting to the local newspaper the St Helens Reporter together with the photo of the unusual hovering object.

He explains in his report that the mysterious thing in the sky appeared to hover because it was not making any movements for a full minute before it moved fast to the right and disappeared.

The witness believes that the object he witnessed was something not similar to the behavior of any man-made aircraft. He is also sure that what he witnessed was not a Chinese lantern.

Aside from the picture and his companion dog, no one else has come forward to report the same strange thing in the sky on that night and time.

The witness, however, claims that others have shared him about similar events in the area after he told his own sighting story. He says that the town could be a hotspot for UFO activity.

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