SATELLITE Could Be Placed Into Orbit to Hunt for UFO Evidences

If you believe in aliens, you have probably met people who treated you with skepticism.  Canadian developers are currently working out things to send a quality satellite in the low-earth orbit along with radiation and a camera that is capable of detecting and capturing the world’s first conclusive video footage of the alien vessel to see if the real truth is available. The Crowdsourcing Indiegogo campaign project stated their funds at approximately $50,000 to launch and develop the “Cubesat for Disclosure.” When asked about the disclosure of the movement, NASA and the space agencies possess the capacity to detect aliens and extraterrestrial vessels, but choose to disclose the information from the public because they are scared that such knowledge would effect greater beings that may have on authority and religion of their existence. Disclosure conspiracists worked so hard for world governments to release all the confidential files they possess on the subject of UFO phenomena and aliens, but it has been a long-time coming, they claim.

Indiegogo’s goal is to place the project in the hands of the citizens, to take over the quest they got. The satellite possesses a scintillation counter to examine the ionising radiation levels that may indicate the existence of alien craft claiming some researchers, and dual cameras that will record even the view is 360 degrees. Software engineer Dave Cote developed the idea with fellow researchers and stated in a promotional video that the media and military created great attempts to discredit the thought of extraterrestrial aliens despite many events and sightings. The $100 contributors of start-up claims will be allowed access to CubeSat data while the $500 can be actively involved and take the images. According to Scott C Waring, the editor of UFO Sightings Daily, the technology used in the public hands could be the event that causes full disclosure of the alien existence.

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