Sri Lankans Fear of UFO Invasion

Several residents in different parts of the island of Sri Lanka were stunned as they see bright lights in the sky coming from what they believe to be ufo.

The incident prompted the country’s Air Force to ease the possible fear that extraterrestrials or aliens were invading the small country to attack citizens. The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) asserted that no such unknown flying object was detected by their radar and that they are monitoring the skies in response to the claimed ufo sightings reported by witnesses.

The media spokesperson of SLAF dismissed the rumors that ufos and extraterrestrials are hovering over the country and made statements that no solid proofs that such claims are true. However, a television channel revealed a video showing unidentified lights in the night skies over Hambegamuwa in Thanamalwila at around 8:30 in the evening. It also released similar videos from mobile phones capturing unusual lights moving in other parts of the island.
SLAF further explained that they are using air defence system to track any possible ufo invasion and that they have not detected even one unidentified flying object coming to Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, a Colombo University professor in astronomy rejected the ufo sighting claims with a revelation that the red planet, Mars, is often mistaken as an unknown flying object or unidentified light. Mars is currently orbiting closer to Earth, which makes it visible in the human eye in the night sky.

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