Stunning Photo of A UFO Hovering Over Bucharest


In a photo strangely the same scenario from the runaway success motion picture Independence Day, an unidentified flying object moves across the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest.

The person who had taken the photograph of the flying disc-like object in Romania’s capital has shared his shocking and brief encounter.

Cosmin Garlesteanu mentioned having an odd feeling while taking a picture of the brilliant government building, and was surprised when he viewed again at his photo to check out a bizarre green and blue light beaming upon it.

Within the beam, there seems to be 2 elliptical shapes flying over the large structure.

The image mimics a popular scenario from Hollywood’s Independence Day, starring Will Smith, when a spacecraft shows up over the White House in Washington and strikes it up.

The picture, captured on February 4, has drawn worldwide curiosity after Mr Garlesteanu submitted it onto a photo-sharing site.

People around the globe have been creating a variety of notions regarding what the strange appearance could be.  A few are positive it is an extra-terrestrial spacecraft, while others believe it is a simple result of a light.

The newbie photographer stated that he was strolling after work and opted to get some pictures. It was pretty cold and breezy and there was a cloudy skies.

He added that it was the first time he had grabbed photos of the Houses of Parliament at night time and he was not disappointed by the outcome.

He had taken 5 or 6 photos but when he shot the final one a bizarre feeling got into him. He checked all over again and could not imagine his eyes. He did not understand what the unusual light was.

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