Supermoon UFO Creates Contrasting Speculations

The amazing beauty of lunar phenomena was enjoyed by many people as a fairly regular moon activity, but Daily Mirror has given a twist about it, making the phenomena a chance to declare the existence of aliens or at least give wild speculation on the topic featuring a question mark at the end.

According to the paper, a possible extraterrestrial ship was observed flashing in front of the moon on Sunday. The moon was seen 13% larger – at most – than the average from the ground that day.

supermoon ufoThe paper includes a footage of the moon showing something flying past the lunar surface.

Unfortunately, scientists have one very clear explanation for this apparent moon anomaly.

When the Supermoon took place, it coincided with the Perseids meteor shower. This particular meteor shower is affecting planet Earth at regular intervals. It is considered as the largest annual meteor shower as a result of the Comet Swift-Tuttle.

A meteor in the sky could be a good explanation for the light object. Experts also provided the following proposals if it is not a meteor:

  • The International Space Station, which is visible on Sunday over New Jersey where the video was filmed.
  • A bird
  • Another satellite
  • A speck used to create a hoax

On the flipside, the object seen flashing in front of the big moon could also be considered as UFO since no one could tell its exact true identity and it was seen flying. UFO enthusiasts would likely say that it was an extraterrestrial spaceship while experts would resort to the explanations given above. So, one thing is certain right now, both sides are giving speculations.

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