The Infamous Black Triangle

The mystery of the unidentified flying objects continues to give the world at large some headache. This does not only elapse in the round shaped mass of an object that has been discovered mostly in Sea areas and some non human inhabited areas. It has also gone ahead to include the strange hovering but silent triangle UFOs that has been observed on several occasions hovering or even cruising around in densely populated areas or highways which is made very visible to the human eyes and flies on a very low altitude.

This object which was first seen in the 1990s has been observed in England, United States and even Russia and mostly appears at night. There has been a very big problem in explaining what this is as it completely negates all prior properties about the aerospace and planes.

This object with an operational model of 600 feet across has a sort of silver blue light glowing around it as it hovers and has been observed in numbers across the globe. The fact that this object is mostly observed in areas seen as part of the US military base has made a lot of people to attribute it as being one of the United States TR-3B either observing the air force base or even investigating its installations.

Edgar Rothschild Fouche who is an engineer and claims to have been a staff of the Area 51 explained to the International UFO congress that the Black Triangle in question might be an experimental US Air force vehicle which has the name TR-3B and Astra as its code name.

The TR-3B in question is said to make use of some nuclear reactor built to generate a very massive magnetic field that allows it negate the effects of the earth’s gravitational pull to up to 89% and gives it the strength to fly on the altitudes without any sound.

The ownership and existence of these objects which is mostly observed around the East and West Coasts of United States have not received any confirmation either from the United States Air-force, scientists or even other nations.

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